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ONE Energy Green believes that our dependence on hydrocarbons will prevail through our lifetime. Having said that, we are advancing our green energy efforts, such as with wind and LED lighting.

The potential for LED - Lighting the way

Today’s global lighting industry is responsible for approximately 19% of electricity use and 6% of greenhouse gas emissions1. In this context, LED technology has the potential to be a game changer for the industry, with well-publicized environmental and technological advantages compared to conventional lighting (e.g., 50-70% lower energy consumption, no mercury content, and significantly longer life spans).


Commercial and industrial LED lighting is a major business opportunity as well, with a market size of $12.5B in 2011 and projected growth of 40% per year through 20162,3. In the US alone, LED lighting has the potential to reduce US annual energy costs by $53 billion if it can reduce lighting energy usage by 40%4.


Governments can reduce oil imports or allocations from their next ten year budgets, receive payback periods of less than three years and funding is available.


OEIL can deliver the full value chain for retrofit projects from old incandescent lighting into LED with substantial savings and environmental friendly rewards for its clients, e.g. from companies to local and national governments.


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