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ONE Energy Investments Ltd. (“ONE Energy” or "OEIL") is an international investment company based in Hong Kong with a global exposure to investment and strategic value add opportunities. Although OEIL enjoys a solid tradition in energy, including oil and gas operations, and most recently green projects such as LED related operations, the appetite for non energy opportunities exists where expanded margins can be identified. The company’s activities include direct investment in stressed projects with turnaround possibility, advisory services and co-investment with strategic partners in the USA and Asia.

OEIL can assist companies establishing distribution strategies for their products, execute reverse take over mandates as well as arrange funding for larger projects. In addition, the company has assisted in the rehabilitation of two investee public US companies that are keen to combine with other like minded operations. OEIL is actively seeking such marriage candidates.

OEIL has a highly selective acceptance policy for new clients and merger candidates for our investee companies.

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